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Today’s update and a look at the pandemic thus far


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MAYVILLE, N.Y.:—The Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services’ Public Health Department announced that eight new cases of COVID-19 infection were reported for today, July 21, 2020. In addition, the statistics now include a breakdown of domestic travelers who are self-quarantining in the County. 


“Because the number of travelers being reported to us has grown significantly and because the domestic traveler quarantine differs from traditional mandatory isolation, mandatory quarantine, or precautionary quarantine, we have decided to report the number of domestic travelers independently,” said Christine Schuyler, County Director of Public Health and Human Services.  “We are receiving traveler forms from the New York State Department of Health and from travelers themselves as well as reports from concerned citizens.”


Per the New York State Department of Health’s Interim Guidance document, if you have traveled from within one of the designated states with significant community spread as defined by state’s metrics, you must quarantine when you enter New York State for 14 days from the last travel within such designated state.  The requirements of the travel advisory do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration (i.e., less than 24 hours) through the course of travel. More information on the travel advisory, traveler report forms and how to file a complaint can be found on the COVID-19 page of the County’s website at https://chqgov.com/.


Chautauqua County Statistics for July 21, 2020:

  • 23 active cases, continue to recover under orders of the Local Health Official per NYS Public Health Law including:
    • 8 new cases today of two females in their 20s, two females and two males in their 30s, a female in her 50s, and a male in his 60s;


  • 541 cases under quarantine/isolation orders by the Public Health Director and being monitored.  Not all of those being monitored are confirmed to have COVID-19 but have either shown symptoms, are awaiting results, or have risk factors;


  • 669 persons under domestic traveler quarantine for having arrived to Chautauqua County from a state listed on the New York State travel advisory;


  • 2 people hospitalized* in Chautauqua County as of 7/19/2020

*number of persons in Chautauqua County hospitals diagnosed with COVID-19, regardless of residency


  • To date:
    • 179 recovered cases;
    • 8 deaths;
    • 210 total confirmed cases; and
    • 20,278 negative test results.


Breeanne Agett, Epidemiologist with the County Public Health Department, has prepared charts to present County COVID-19 data to date.   This is also available on the COVID-19 page at https://chqgov.com and the Health Department’s Facebook page.  The percent positive rate is from the NYSDOH and can be tracked at https://forward.ny.gov/percentage-positive-results-county-dashboard.




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