County Health Department Clinics Surpass 25,000 COVID-19 Shots in Arms

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COVID-19 Vaccination Data Update

MAYVILLE, NY – The Chautauqua County Health Department celebrated its staff and partners on Wednesday, April 14, at its mass vaccination clinic at SUNY Fredonia.  Commendations were made and balloons released in celebration of County-run vaccinations sites administering 25,111 doses by the end of the day on Friday, April 9.


From Left:  JCC Staff - Dr. Kirk Young, VP of Student Affairs; Barry Swanson, Coordinator of Safety and Security.  Health and Human Services Public Health Division Staff - Teresa Miller, RN; Janelle Hartloff, RN; Cathy Burgess, Director of Community Health Nursing; Sharoyn Ruby, Clinic Manager; Christine Schuyler, Public Health Director; Natalie Whiteman, PHEP Coordinator; Bree Agett, Epidemiologist; and County Executive PJ Wendel.  Missing from photo:  Michael Metzger, SUNY Fredonia VP of Finance & Administration

County Public Health Director Christine Schuyler voiced appreciation for public health staff, fellow county agencies, volunteers, SUNY Jamestown Community College (JCC) nursing students, SUNY JCC and SUNY Fredonia administration, the Town of Chautauqua, and the community at large.  “I am so proud of the work of this health department and what we’ve been able to do throughout this pandemic thanks to teamwork, partnership and a community who cares. We will never be able to appropriately recognize and thank our public health staff for their endless efforts for over a year now.  It is so exhilarating to see so many get vaccinated and help put an end to this pandemic,” said Schuyler.

County Executive PJ Wendel handed out COVID-19 HERO pins and stated, “I am honored to be part of this exciting milestone in our vaccination process in Chautauqua County.  As this process started, the vaccine was trickling in, and to see how many of our residents have been vaccinated since we began is a testament to our staff and our collaboration with providers such as The Chautauqua Center, UPMC Chautauqua, Brooks TLC, AHN/Westfield Memorial Hospital, our private practices, pharmacies, as well as SUNY Fredonia and JCC.  We have shown how working together brings success for our residents.”

The County-run mass vaccination clinics have been successful because of the ability to partner with SUNY JCC, SUNY Fredonia, and the Town of Chautauqua for the use of appropriate facility space.  “These facilities are ideal for mass clinics and administration and support staff have been extremely accommodating in fully supporting our vaccination efforts. Out of the 25,111 doses administered by the County, 9,503 were at JCC, 8,766 at SUNY Fredonia, and 4,514 at the Chautauqua Municipal Building,” added Schuyler. 

"SUNY Fredonia is proud to partner with the Chautauqua County Department of Health to provide vaccination opportunities for our community," said SUNY Fredonia President Stephen H. Kolison, Jr., Ph.D.  "As I have stated before, public institutions of higher education must be of, and for the communities in which they operate. We are pleased to facilitate vaccinations for our faculty, students, staff, and all residents of Chautauqua County."

SUNY JCC President Daniel DeMarte stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all the value of working closely with community partners in accomplishing a common goal. We greatly value our close partnership with the Chautauqua County Health Department, and their work in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine on our campus has only deepened that relationship in ways that none of us could have imagined 13 months ago. It is the perfect example of what we are capable of doing when we work together. JCC is committed to doing its part in supporting our citizens and the county health departments as we continue to fight this pandemic.” 

Don Emhardt, Town Supervisor for the Town of Chautauqua added, “It’s good for the community- that’s what we’re here for.”

Vaccination Data Update

With nearly 67,000 shots in arms, the Chautauqua County COVID-19 vaccination rate rose to 41% of eligible residents over the last week, and 34% of total residents. Data provided by the Chautauqua County Health Department shows weekly progress toward meeting the goal of 75% of residents fully vaccinated.

A great deal of progress has been made in vaccinating older adults. Over half (57%) of people ages 85 and older have had at least one vaccine dose; 69% of residents ages 65-79 have received at least one dose of vaccine. With eligibility requirements expanding to those 16 and older last week, vaccine uptake is increasing in younger age groups as well.

While vaccination numbers continue to climb, the Chautauqua County Health Department reminds residents that it is very important to continue to practice COVID-19 safety measures. Vaccinations and safety measures – wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, and avoiding gatherings- are our strongest tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar to vaccination trends across the state and nation, disparities persist among minority groups, particularly among black or African-American and Hispanic residents. However, their numbers of vaccinations are rising each week. Estimated vaccination rates by race and ethnicity are as follows.

Chautauqua County Residents Who Have Received COVID-19 Vaccine by Race, through 4/10/21


At Least One Dose





Percent of County
Population 18+





**Other Race




Black or African-American








American Indian or Alaska Native




Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander








Source: NYSIIS, accessed 4/12/21. Data are preliminary and subject to change.

Race not listed for 3,852 residents for first dose


*Population data is 2010 census data for individuals ages 18+


**Other Race population data from census.gov, 2010 population ages 18+; Other race from registration may not reflect the same population


Percent Vaccinated by Ethnicity, Compared to Rate of Ethnicity in County



At Least One Dose






Percent of County Population 18+


Not Hispanic or Latino





Hispanic or Latino










Source: NYSIIS, accessed 4/12/21. Data are preliminary and subject to change.


Not listed excluded 7457 first doses and 3442 second doses



First-Dose Clinic at Fredonia Planned

The Chautauqua County Health Department is hosting a first-dose Moderna vaccination clinic at SUNY Fredonia on Friday, April 16 for people aged 18 years or older who live or work in New York State. To register, visit www.chqgov.com and click the link in the green alert box to find clinic registration links.  Those without internet can also call 1-866-604-6789 for assistance. Over 1,400 vaccinations will be administered on Friday.

Johnson and Johnson Update

New York State vaccine providers are pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine while the FDA reviews potential adverse effects. Anyone holding out for this vaccine is advised to take advantage of Moderna and Pfizer clinics held throughout the County and State.

Vaccine-Finding Resources

Two online resources are now available to residents to assist in finding vaccine providers with either active registration links, and/or vaccine supply: www.vaccinehound.org and www.vaccinefinder.org. The Vaccine Hound website is run by a group of volunteers that checks websites for Western New York vaccine providers and lists them on the site only when clinic links have availability. The Vaccine Finder tool provides a map and listing of all vaccine providers in the community, including a phone number and website for each provider, and whether or not there is vaccine in stock.


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