Potential for Flooding in Roadways and Bridges in Chautauqua County Over the Next 48 Hours

Submitted by gallagha on Fri, 07/16/2021 - 16:15


FALCONER, N.Y.:-- Chautauqua County Executive Paul M. Wendel, Jr. and Chautauqua County Department of Public Facilities Director Brad Bentley are warning motorists to exercise caution while driving in Chautauqua County over the next 24 to 48 hours due to the potential for flooded roadways and bridges.  The forecast for Saturday is continued all day rain which may make road conditions worse over this time period.

“County roads have seen an increase in flooded roads with the persistent and continued rains in July, which is causing an unusual amount of damage to our infrastructure,” said Bentley. “Expect temporary road and bridge closures as we address issues as they arise.”

“The County is experiencing flooding in areas that are not typical for this time of year,” said Wendel.  “Motorists are reminded to not drive through flooded roads and streets and should be on the lookout for unexpected temporary road closures.”

As always, motorists should to be cautious when driving in wet weather and call the appropriate authorities, as needed.



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