COVID-19 Daily Update

Effective 12/1/2020 this page will no longer be updated. 

Please visit our new dashboard page for the latest Chautauqua County COVID-19 statistics.

11/30/2020 COVID-19 Updates

111 New Cases of COVID-19 and 1 New Death in Chautauqua County Reported from November 26-29

Chautauqua County Statistics:

  • A resident in their 70s passed away due to complications of COVID-19. Our sincere condolences go out to their loved ones.
    • 162 active cases, continue to recover under orders of the Local Health Official per NYS Public Health Law including:
    • 111 new cases were reported from November 26-29 including:
      •  23 new cases in 14701 (Jamestown)
      • 1 new case in 14728 (Dewittville)
      • 5 new cases in 14136 (Silver Creek)
      • 16 new cases in 14048 (Dunkirk)
      • 8 new cases in 14712 (Bemus Point)
      • 3 new cases in 14716 (Brocton)
      • 3 new cases in 14781 (Sherman)
      • 4 new cases in 14733 (Falconer)
      • 15 new cases in 14063 (Fredonia)
      • 2 new cases in 14724 (Clymer)
      • 2 new cases in 14736 (Findley Lake)
      • 4 new cases in 14738 (Frewsburg)
      • 2 new cases in 14775 (Ripley)
      • 1 new case in 14782 (Sinclairville)
      • 1 new case in 14081 (Irving)
      • 3 new cases in 14138 (South Dayton)
      • 1 new case in 14767 (Panama)
      • 1 new case in 14718 (Cassadaga)
      • 4 new cases in 14787 (Westfield)
      • 3 new cases in 14747 (Kennedy)
      • 1 new case in 14740 (Gerry)
      • 1 new case in 14723 (Cherry Creek)
      • 3 new cases in 14750 (Lakewood)
      • 3 new cases in 14757 (Mayville)
      • 1 new case in 14710 (Ashville)
  • 13 people hospitalized* in Chautauqua County as of 11/28/2020 (most recent data available from NYS)
    *number of persons in Chautauqua County hospitals diagnosed with COVID-19, regardless of residency
  • To date:
    • 1,494 recovered cases;
    • 19 deaths; and
    • 1,675 total confirmed cases.

Updated Reporting Strategy
Beginning tomorrow December 1, a new COVID-19 Data Dashboard will be available on the Chautauqua County Health Department website, and the timeline for case reporting will be modified.

COVID-19 Dashboard
A new dashboard will be available on the Chautauqua County Health Department webpage. The dashboard will include a summary of recent COVID-19 data including: total cases, new cases, new deaths, active cases, total recoveries, current local hospitalizations, total deaths, quarantined contacts, quarantined travelers, active cases by ZIP code, and the most recent 7-day rolling average percent positivity rate from the NY Forward website. A demographic breakdown of total cases will be available including age group, sex, presence/absence of symptoms, and fatality rates by age group.

There will be no changes to the Chautauqua County COVID-19 map reporting process at this time. A link to the map will be available on the dashboard webpage.

The dashboard will be updated to include the prior day’s numbers by 1 p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.

Timing of Reports
Up until this point, our daily reports included the number of cases confirmed that day.

Moving forward, we will report the number of cases confirmed on the prior day. This change in process will improve staff efficiencies, and our numbers will more closely align with those reported on the NY Forward webpage, though there will still be discrepancies due to our more thorough investigation of reported positive cases.

With this new change, the full report provided on Mondays will include numbers for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Previously, Monday reports included numbers for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Daily Reporting
Standard daily press releases/Facebook notifications of data will no longer be issued. Anyone looking for the most recent COVID-19 numbers can visit the Chautauqua County COVID-19 webpage: https://chqgov.com/public-health/covid-19-dashboard.


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