NY on PAUSE Complaints

If you are aware of an entity or person in violation of "New York on PAUSE" please choose the appropriate complaint below to file a complaint. 

Please note that without adequate or complete information, complaints cannot and will not be acted upon. New York State has issued separate opening/reopening guidance for various industries, businesses, agencies, events, etc. Do not expect that all businesses and persons are to adhere to the same requirements.

  • To file a complaint about a person not quarantining per the NYS Travel Advisory please complete the form here.
  • To file a complaint about a restaurant or bar in Chautauqua County: CCHHS Environmental Health: Call 716-753-4481 or email us
  • To file a complaint about another type of business, location or incident in your community: New York on PAUSE Enforcement Task Force: Call 1-833-789-0470 or file a complaint online 
  • To file a complaint against your employer or place of work: Contact the NY State Department of Labor file a complaint online  
  • To file a complaint about a hospital: Call 1-800-804-5447 or file a complaint online
  • To file a complaint about a nursing home & long-term care facilities

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