Quarter End Date
Bills Mailed to Customers*
October 31
November 20
January 31
February 20
April 31
May 20
July 31
August 20

*This is an approximate date that bills will be mailed.

Grace Period

Billings have a 30-day grace period (from actual print / mail date), after 30 days there is a 10% penalty assessed.

Unpaid Charges & Penalties

After October 31 each year, any unpaid charges and penalties are transmitted by the districts to the County of Chautauqua for re-levy upon the town and county tax bill and can no longer be paid directly to the districts.

Post Mark Dates

The Sewer District goes by post marked date when determining "on time" payments. If a payment is due and post-marked December 20th (even if we actually receive it after the 20th) it still counts as on time and no penalty is assessed.


Bills can be mailed to the address shown on your bill or paid in person at:
Director of Finance
Chautauqua County
P.O. Box 458, Gifford Avenue
Celoron, NY 14720-045