Local Media




  • Public Access TV - Dunkirk
  • Time Warner Cable 8 News
  • Access Channel 5 Public Access TV in Mayville, NY. Runs on Channel 5 (digital) or Channel 21.4 on Recently Scanned HDTV. Website: http://ac5.weebly.com (Run by Group of Volunteers)
  • Channel 5, Fredonia, Public Access TV in Fredonia, NY. Runs on Channel 5 (digital). (no website) (Run by Chip Riewaldt)
  • Channel 19, Public Access TV in Jamestown, NY. Runs on Channel 19 (digital). (No website) (Run by Time Warner Cable)
  • Channel 12, Public Access TV in Town of Hanover on Channel 12 (digital) or Channel 98.3 on recently scanned HDTV. (No website) (Run by Pat Rodgers)