Food Service Establishment Permit

A food service establishment is a place where food is prepared and intended for individual portion service and includes the site at which the individual portions are provided, whether consumption occurs on or off the premises. The term excludes food processing establishments, retail food stores, private homes where food is prepared or served for family consumption, and food service operations where a distinct group mutually provides, prepares, serves and consumes the food such as a "covered-dish supper" limited to a congregation, club or fraternal organization.

Apply for a Food Service Establishment Permit:

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Permit Application

NYS WC/DB Exemption

NYS Food Service Establishment Sanitary Code


This three hour training is required for Food Service Establishments in Chautauqua County as authorized in Sub-part 14-1, Section 14-1.73 of the New York State Sanitary Code: 

All food service establishments permitted by the Public Health Director shall be required to have at least one individual in a position of management or control involved in the routine operation of the establishment complete a food handler training course approved by the Public Health Director.

Certifications will remain valid for 5 years, at which time you will need to renew your certification. This training is also open to anyone who would like to receive a safe food handling certification in an effort to become employed in the food service industry.

Refresher Training - New Online Refresher Course!

Renewing your certification has never been easier.  Chautauqua County has approved a food handler refresher training.  This new online class satisfies your certification renewal.

Link to Online Course

New Certification - Upcoming Class Schedule

  • When: To Be Announced

  • Where: To Be Announced
  • Certificate is valid for five years


Please call 753-4693 to register.

Trainings will be held once per year in the following areas:

Jamestown at JCC

Mayville at County Emergency Services or other location

Dunkirk at JCC North

Pre-registration & non-refundable payment is required

Registration Form (PDF)


For-profit establishments:

$40.00 first person

$30.00 each additional person


$25.00 first person (includes book to share)

$15.00 each additional person

Make checks payable to Director of Finance

Brief Description

The Certified Food Handler Training Program is a three hour course designed to teach participants the basic principles of safe food handling. The program includes the following topics:

  • Causes and prevention of food-borne illness
  • Proper methods of thawing, cooking, hot-holding, cooling and reheating
  • Hand washing/hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Rules and regulations, including Sub-part 14-1 of the State Sanitary Code (Food Service Establishments)

Why Receive Food Safety Training?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the majority of food-borne illnesses in the United States are attributed to public eating establishments. This proactive training material will:

  • Safeguard the health of your customers and employees.
  • Protect the public image and reputation of your establishment.
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits and high insurance premiums at your establishment.
  • Allow you the confidence of knowing your employees consistently prepare and serve food in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Improve your establishment