Tobacco Use - ATUPA / CIAA

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the lawful retail distribution and use of tobacco products in public places. This includes tobacco product sales to minors as well as enforcement of the "Clean Indoor Air Act" (CIAA) which prohibits the use of tobacco in public indoor spaces and workplaces.

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Tobacco Distribution

Each year, every tobacco retailer in Chautauqua County is inspected for compliance with the NYS Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act (ATUPA) and requirements concerning the display, placement, packaging and distribution of tobacco products. In addition to this inspection, undercover youths are used to attempt to purchase tobacco products from retailers to verify compliance with laws prohibiting distribution to minors.

Tobacco Use Restrictions

The CIAA regulations prohibiting smoking in public places were enacted by the New York State Legislature in July of 2003. This piece of legislation prohibits the use of tobacco in all public indoor spaces and workplaces unless a waiver has been granted by the Board of Health. The Health Department conducts routine compliance checks at bars and restaurants throughout the county and fines owners found violating the law. If you witness smoking in a public place or someone selling cigarettes to a minor, you can report these to the Health Department at (716) 753-4481 for investigation and enforcement.

Tobacco Free Property

As of November 2013, Chautauqua County Government established a tobacco-free outdoor policy. Outdoor use of tobacco on real property owned or leased by the County of Chautauqua is prohibited.

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