Department of Weights and Measures

       The Department of Weights and Measures is tasked with protecting the consumers of Chautauqua County by verifying the accuracy of all devices used to sell or buy merchandise by weight or volume.  Each year the department checks every scale, small and large, gasoline and petroleum dispensers, both stationary and mobile and other measuring devices used in sales and purchasing.  The department also periodically checks bulk milk tanks on farms for accuracy of volume.

          Any consumer that believes that a purchase or sale was made with a scale or petroleum dispenser that was not accurate may report to the Department of Weights and Measures and a department employee will check the device to determine if there is a problem.

     The department is also tasked with enforcing the County Unit Pricing law.  Most items offered for sale in Chautauqua County must have a price tag or sticker on them stating the price of the merchandise unless the store applies for a waiver with the Department of Weights and Measures.  A waiver allows the store to place the item price on the shelf instead of marking each individual item.  In order to receive a waiver, the store must pass a random inventory check of up to 300 items that must ring up correctly at the register with an accuracy rate of 98% or greater.  Every store with a waiver must re-apply for a waiver on an annual basis.

          Any consumer that makes a purchase in a store with a pricing waiver, at a register that rings up at a higher price than stated at the merchandise display, can speak to the manager or other designated employee of the store who will give a refund of the overcharge plus an additional super refund of up to $10.00 per item.  It is the responsibility of the store to report this overcharge to the Department of Weights and Measures.


PROBLEMS:  Call Robert Calhoun, director @ 716-753-4228