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1. The mail-in registration renewal says that I must mail my renewal to Albany. May I mail or bring it to my local DMV Office?
2. Will you accept a fax or copy of an insurance card?
3. What is needed to surrender license plates?
4. What does a 16- or 17-year-old teenager need to apply for a learner’s permit?
5. I was told that my driver’s license is suspended? How can I find out?
6. I have lost or misplaced my title for my car. How can I replace it?
7. I’ve recently moved. How do I notify DMV of my new address?
8. I need to replace my driver’s license. What ID do I need and what is the fee?
9. Can I bring my US DOT Medical Examiners Certificate to the DMV office to have it entered in my file?
10. What do I need to get the Veterans designation on my driver's license?
11. I lost a license plate. What do I do?