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1. What is Civil Service?
2. How do I find out what examinations are available?
3. How do I apply for examinations?
4. Do I have to be a Chautauqua County resident to take a civil service examination?
5. Can I submit a resume in lieu of completing the employment experience section on the application?
6. Is there an examination fee?
7. Can the examination fee be waived ?
8. What is Job Training Partnership Act / Workforce Investment?
9. Can I be waived from the performance test?
10. What happens after I apply for a job listed in immediate openings?
11. What happens after I apply for an examination?
12. Where are the exams held?
13. What will be on the exam(s)?
14. Are there study materials available?
15. Are examinations ever cancelled?
16. When will I receive my exam results?
17. Where are the eligible lists used?
18. What are provisional appointments?
19. What are Continuous Recruitment Examinations?
20. What is a Training and Experience Examination?
21. Can I get a federal or state job if I'm on an eligible list?
22. Will I get the job if I get the highest test score on a civil service exam?
23. What do I do if I've applied for more than one exam scheduled on the same date with different government agencies?
24. When is the Department of Human Resources open?
25. Can an exception be made for an application deadline?
26. Are hours worked per week actually important on the application?
27. What can I do if I receive a Not Eligible Letter from Civil Service?
28. What if my name or address changes?
29. How long does my application stay on file?