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1. How long is the academy and when does it start?
2. What hours during the day is the academy held?
3. Will I receive college credits for successfully completing the academy?
4. How many total hours of instruction will I receive?
5. How much does it cost to attend the academy?
6. Can I get financial aid to attend the academy?
7. When do I have to pay the tuition and lab fees?
8. How old do I need to be to attend the academy?
9. Do I need previous college credits to attend the academy?
10. Do I need to provide my college transcript?
11. What are the minimum and maximum ages to take the Civil Service Exam to become a deputy sheriff?
12. What are the residency requirements to attend the academy?
13. Do I need to be appointed by a law enforcement agency, and who makes them?
14. Are there background checks done on me?
15. What are the physical and mental fitness requirements?
16. How long is the academy training certificate valid?
17. How do I apply to go to the academy?