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1. Is the county going to take my house?
2. What happens to my house if I go into a nursing home?
3. What is a lien?
4. Am I going to have any money to live on? How much money can I keep?
5. What is spousal impoverishment?
6. What are countable resources?
7. What does available income mean? Wi ll the county take my check?
8. What can I give away? Can I give anything away?
9. What is a spenddown?
10. What is a 36 month review? What does a resource review mean?
11. What kind of information is needed for an interview?
12. Can someone else come in to the office for the interview?
13. What if I can't find all the i nformation that's needed for the interview?
14. What does Medicaid cover? Will Medicaid pay my past due bills? Can I keep my doctor
15. What is CASA?
16. How long does the application process take?