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1. I run a bar-only operation with no food prepared except bagged snacks. Do I have to take the Food Handler training?
2. I have been told I have a Medium-Risk food estab lishment. I have a very limited menu at this time. May I apply for a waiver from this requirement to have a Certified Food Handler?
3. I have several kitchen employees that I would li ke to be certified for Food Handling. However, th ey do not all drive and the nearest class is over 30 miles away. Can we have a class in my area?
4. I have been looking for work for several months. I will be applying to some restaurants for a coo k position. Can I take the Certified Food Handler training?
5. I have a "ServSafe" Certification. Do I have t o register for the Food Handler course offered by t he County?
6. I run a "mobile" food service wagon in the summ er at local fairs. Do I have to take this Food Handler training?
7. I only sell food at the local fireman's convention on one weekend a year under my tent. Do I have to be certified?