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1. The concentration of the disinfectant, expressed as parts per million (ppm), is not always listed on disinfectant containers. How does facility operator determine the required concentration?
2. What should the tanning facility operator do if there is no label on their tanning bed or booth?
3. Some stand up booths do not have handrails, acrylic covering the bulbs, non skid floors or indicators to show where patrons should position themselves in the booth. Do these issues need addressed?
4. Can the operator develop their own statement of acknowledgement or must the DOH form be used?
5. Will previously completed patron paperwork (consent form, statement of acknowledgement) be acceptable?
6. What is a lockout device?
7. Does the remote timer have to be outside of the booth or room in which the bed is located, such as on the exterior side of the door of the booth?
8. If manual shut off is within the room for the bed or booth, is that considered the immediate environs (area) of the UV device?
9. If there is no manual shut off within the room, can the machine still be used?
10. Can the October 2011 deadline be extended for the requirement for remote control timers or lockout devices?