County Executive Wendel Issues Statement On New York City Migrant Relocation Lawsuit

Submitted by Justin Gould on Thu, 06/08/2023 - 09:28

MAYVILLE, N.Y. – Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel has issued a statement in response to New York City’s lawsuit challenging the county’s emergency order prohibiting municipalities from bringing and housing migrants in the county.

“The County is aware of a recent lawsuit filed by the City of New York, and we will be unable to comment on pending litigation,” explained Executive Wendel. “Chautauqua County objects in the strongest possible way to the defamatory comments that the actions taken by the County are xenophobic bigotry.”

“Chautauqua County has worked with local groups to accept all individuals into our communities; however, we raised concerns that our small rural County does not have the services or assistance available to provide additional assistance,” continued Wendel. “While we have called on the State and Federal Government to take immediate action the only response has been for NYC, a self-declared sanctuary city, to bus individuals to other counties-without notice. We simply ask that all interested parties meet at the table to discuss a way forward.”

Last month, Wendel declared a state of emergency and issued an emergency order prohibiting not only municipalities from bringing and housing people in the County, but also, hotels and motels from housing immigrants without a license, and requiring any municipalities that might bring migrating or asylum-seeking people into Chautauqua County to ensure they will be fully cared for and paid for.

View the full State of Emergency and Emergency Order No. 1.


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