Name Title Email Phone Department
Ames, Olivia Deputy Clerk of the Legislature Email 716-753-4215 Legislature
Brinkman, Patricia A. Director 716-753-4104 Mental Hygiene
Abram, Brian C. Commissioner of Elections - Republican Email 716-753-4226 Board of Elections
Henry, Michelle County Historian Email 716-753-4857 County Historian
Chagnon, Pierre Chairman - Legislator, District 8 Email 716-499-6332 Legislature
Luka-Conley, Leanna Deputy Commissioner Adult, Child & Family Services 716-753-4879 Health and Human Services
Spanos, MaryAnn Director Email 716-753-4471 Office for Aging
Carlson, Gregory Director 716-661-8255 Veteran Services
Crow, Kitty Director 716-753-4223 Finance
Swanson, Patrick District Attorney District Attorney
Green, Norman P. Commissioner of Elections - Democratic Email 716-753-4250 Board of Elections
Caflisch, Jim Director 716-753-4221 Real Property Tax
Stow, Mark Director of Environmental Health 716-753-4693 Environmental Health
Taylor, Gilbert Deputy Director 716-363-3640 Probation
Wendel, Jr., Paul M. Chautauqua County Executive Email 716-753-4211 County Executive
Evans, Phil Jamestown Supervisor 716-661-8011 Probation
Mihalko, Kie Deputy County Clerk Email 716-753-4977 County Clerk
Tampio, Kathy Clerk of the Legislature Email 716-753-4541 Legislature
Disbro, Tobin Jamestown Supervisor 716-661-8011 Probation
Barmore, Larry County Clerk Email 716-753-4975 County Clerk
Schuyler, Christine Comm. of Social Services/Public Health Director 716-753-4590 Health and Human Services
Wisniewski, Jessica Director Email 716-753-4237 Human Resources
Narraway, Tom Director Probation
Anderson, Jon Deputy Commissioner of Social Services 716-753-4789 Health and Human Services
DeAngelo, Jonathan J. Chief Information Officer Email 716-753-4800 Information Services
Bentley, Brad Director Email 716-661-8400 Public Facilities
Valentin, AL Portland Town Historian Email 716-792-9614 County Historian
Livsey, Karen Ellicott Town Historian Email 716-665-3168 County Historian
Busti, Town of Busti Town Historian Email County Historian
Flaherty, Jr, Michael First Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Stow, Mark Director of Environmental Health Email 716-753-4481 Health and Human Services
Rogers, Drew Engineer III - Buildings & Grounds 716-661-8410 Public Facilities
Freligh, Mark Wastewater Maintenance Mechanic II Email 716-664-9727 Water and Sewer Districts
Cessna, Barbara Carroll Town Historian Email 716 569-5677 County Historian
Gilbert, Laura Ellington Town Historian 716-287-2026 County Historian
Celeron, Village Clerk of Celeron Village Historian 716-487-4175 County Historian
Wendel, Paul Legislator, District 10 Email 716-763-0042 Legislature
Goldych, Pamela Victim Assistance 716-753-4634 District Attorney
Erlandson, Thomas President 716-753-4590 Health and Human Services
Erickson, Peggy Dunkirk Clinic Director Mental Hygiene
Westphal, Michele Senior Project Coordinator - CARTS 716-661-8488 Public Facilities
Babcock, Misty Senior Account Clerk Email 716-664-9727 Water and Sewer Districts
Tuggle, Bill Military/Absentee Email 716-753-4280 Board of Elections
Wise, Barbara Villenova Town Historian 716-968-3616 County Historian
Norcross, Mary Mina Town Historian Email 716-769-7688 County Historian
Martonis, Vincent Hanover Town Historian Email 716-985-4141 County Historian
Whitford, Paul Legislator, District 13 Email 716-664-5886 Legislature
Kneer, Rachel Executive Assistant Email 716-753-4629 District Attorney
Douglas, Wendy Director of Patient Services Email 716-753-4819 Health and Human Services
Ludwig, Rachel M. LCSW Mental Hygiene
Panteli, Pantelis K. Deputy Director of Public Facilities 716-985-4785 Public Facilities
Walsh, Tom Director Email 716-664-9727 Water and Sewer Districts
Ridout, Betty Jean Sinclairville Village Historian 716-962-2309 County Historian
Borrello, George Former County Executive Email 716-753-4211 County Executive
Dilorenzo, Stephen Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Johnson, Kelly Jamestown Area Contact 716-661-8212 Health and Human Services
Patti, Victoria A. Early Recognition Specialist Mental Hygiene
France, Tracy Office Manager Email 716-661-8405 Public Facilities
Finnerty, Carrie Burial Benefits & Clerical 716-661-8255 Veteran Services
Burt, Chris Election Technician Email 716-753-4279 Board of Elections
Cavallaro, Brenda Falconer Village Historian 716-665-3139 County Historian
Brown, Pamela Harmony Town Historian Email 716-782-4688 County Historian
Scudder, Bob Legislator, District 3 Email 716-673-1704 Legislature
Bankoski, Robert Legislator, District 2 Email 716-366-0141 Legislature
Beckerink, Todd Domestic Violence Investigator 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Almeter, Ron Manager of Airports & Parks Email 716-661-8930 Public Facilities
Adams, David Veteran's Service Officer 716-268-6030 Veteran Services
Sanderson, Donna Accounts Payable/Receivable Email 716-753-4240 Board of Elections
Clark, Cherrie Ellery Town Historian Email 716-386-3105 County Historian
Brown, Pamela Panama Village Historian Email 716-782-4688 County Historian
Nazzaro, Charles Legislator, District 9 Email 716-484-8548 Legislature
Niebel, Terry Legislator, District 5 Email 716-672-4609 Legislature
Frentz, Shannon Victim's Assistance Coordinator 716-753-4630 District Attorney
Davison-March, Esq., Rebecca Social Services Attorney 716-753-4478 Health and Human Services
Newman, Ed President 716-934-2170 Office for Aging
Anderson, Becky Purchasing Agent Email 716-661-8404 Public Facilities
Stearns, Lori Voter Registration Email 716-753-4243 Board of Elections
King, Dan Brocton Village Historian 716-792-4160 County Historian
Heath, Peggy Gerry Town Historian Email 716-985-4153 County Historian
Starks, Christine Legislator, District 4 Email 716-338-2435 Legislature
Green, Brenden Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Hlosta, Carmen Director of Certification 716-753-4447 Health and Human Services
Suski, Harry Maintenance 716-934-3837 Office for Aging
France, CPPB, Tracy Office Manager Email 716-753-4917 Public Facilities
Rauh, Michael Veteran's Service Officer 716-661-8255 Veteran Services
Torres, Luz Deputy Democratic Election Commissioner Email 716-753-4269 Board of Elections
Thomas, Dan North Harmony Town Historian Email 716-789-3445, ext. 2 County Historian
Lindquist, Rebecca Poland Town Historian 716-267-2112 County Historian
Pavlock, Daniel Legislator, District 14 Email 716-664-0669 Legislature
Anderson, Bridget Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4352 District Attorney
Hamilton, Melissa Senior Account Clerk 716-753-4223 Finance
Shoemaker, Michelle Principal Social Welfare Examiner 716-661-8123 Health and Human Services
Suski, Joan Vice President 716-934-3837 Office for Aging
Bentley, Brad Director Email 716-661-8406 Public Facilities
Ellis, Nacole Deputy Republican Election Commissioner Email 716-753-4226 Board of Elections
Taylor, Devon Mayville Village Historian Email 716-753-3006 County Historian
Thompson, Rhonda Ripley Town Historian 716-736-6881 County Historian
Rankin, Elisabeth Legislator, District 12 Email 716-397-9194 Legislature
Johnson, Daniel Senior Confidential Investigator 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Brant, Nance' Secretary to the Director of Finance 716-753-4223 Finance