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2024 Training Dates

Instructions for Training

  • Below you will find a PDF of the slides from training. You may review the slides as many times as you want until you are totally conformable with the material.

Training Modules

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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I sign up to be an Election Inspector or Remain an Election Inspector?
Simply attend a formal class (schedule listed above). If you pass the test given at the end of the class, you will be a certified Election Inspector. The pay for attending the class is $35 and your pay will direct deposited in early December. Only inspectors who pass the training and remain available to work on Election Day will receive the $35.
Q. Are Election Inspectors Volunteers? - NO
They are paid at New York State minimum wage per hour.
Q. What is an Election Inspector?
They are voters who are appointed to serve a 1-year term.
Q. What are an Election Inspector’s Responsibilities?
They are responsible for making sure that the voters are processed in a fair and efficient manner according to Election Law.
Q. Can anyone be an Election Inspector? What are the qualifications?
Any registered voter who is enrolled in the Democratic or Republican Party can be an Election Inspector. They are also required to speak, read and write English.
Q. Does it require a lot of training to be an Election Inspector?
They are required to be trained and tested every year. (See Class times above.) Classes last about 2 hours long.
Q. What Days and Hours do Election Inspectors work?
Election Inspectors will be assigned to work on General Election Day in November from 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
Q. Election Day is a long day, what if I can't work the whole day?
We do offer “short shifts” to our past veteran election inspectors.
Q. Do Election Inspectors get time off during the day?
No. The General Election is very busy. You will get time to eat a hot meal at the poll site. (Usually there is a smorgasbord of food brought in by you and your colleagues.) If you are assigned to a poll site other than where you normally vote, we ask that you vote early at one of our convenient Early Voting Sites.
Q. Will I be working with experienced Election Inspectors?
Yes, there are multiple inspectors working at each voting site. 500 Election Inspectors serve in 90 districts in Chautauqua County. About 75% return faithfully year after year., so the majority are previously trained and experienced.
Q. Will I be working at my own voting location?
If there is an opening, yes, otherwise you will be placed close to your own district.
Q. What if I am on SSI, unemployment or concerned about tax consequences?
Each person’s circumstances are unique and therefore check with your own advisor.
Q. How do I sign up?
There is no need to sign up for a training session. See the schedule at the top of this page.