Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division houses many different programs. These programs evaluate and regulate the surrounding in which people live, work, and recreate. Many of the programs require our staff to regulate certain facilities such as restaurants, public pools and beaches, public water supplies, hotels / motels, campgrounds, children's camps, mobile home parks, private sewage systems, and commercial sewage systems.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Environmental Health staff oversee many public facilities and operations to ensure that these facilities are safe for the public and that they are not causing any harm to the natural environment.

Often times, the responsibilities of environmental staff members are preventative actions. Preventative actions are taken to keep a place safe and prevent injuries or illnesses from occurring. The goal of the staff is to decrease the number of hazards to which the public are exposed.

Sanitary Code (PDF)

Sanitary Code of the Chautauqua County Health District which regulates numerous programs and activities.