Name Title Email Phone Department
Pavlock, Daniel Legislator, District 14 Email 716-664-0669 Legislature
Chagnon, Pierre Legislator, District 8 Email 716-499-6332 Legislature
Dilorenzo, Stephen Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Johnson, Kelly Jamestown Area Contact 716-661-8212 Health and Human Services
Patti, Victoria A. Early Recognition Specialist Mental Hygiene
France, Tracy Office Manager Email 716-661-8405 Public Facilities
Finnerty, Carrie Burial Benefits & Clerical 716-661-8255 Veteran Services
Ellis, Nacole Deputy Republican Election Commissioner Email 716-753-4226 Board of Elections
Taylor, Devon Mayville Village Historian Email 716-753-3006 County Historian
Thompson, Rhonda Ripley Town Historian 716-736-6881 County Historian
Wilfong, David Legislator, District 11 Email 716-488-1499 Legislature
Bankoski, Robert Legislator, District 2 Email 716-366-0141 Legislature
Beckerink, Todd Domestic Violence Investigator 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Almeter, Ron Manager of Airports & Parks Email 716-661-8930 Public Facilities
Adams, David Veteran's Service Officer 716-268-6030 Veteran Services
Taylor, Devon Chautauqua Town Historian Email 716 753-3116 County Historian
Nagy, Ron Lily Dale Historian Email 716-595-3044 County Historian
Rankin, Elisabeth Legislator, District 12 Email 716-397-9194 Legislature
Niebel, Terry Legislator, District 5 Email 716-672-4609 Legislature
Frentz, Shannon Victim's Assistance Coordinator 716-753-4630 District Attorney
Davison-March, Esq., Rebecca Social Services Attorney 716-753-4478 Health and Human Services
Newman, Ed President 716-934-2170 Office for Aging
Anderson, Becky Purchasing Agent Email 716-661-8404 Public Facilities
Popielarz, Tony Election Inspector Training Coordinator Email 716-753-4510 Board of Elections
Higginbotham, Donna Sherman Town Historian Email 716-761-6359 County Historian
Nichols, Ruth Arkwright Town Historian Email 716-965-2656 County Historian
O'Connell, Kevin Legislator, District 6 Email 716-934-4197 Legislature
Green, Brenden Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Hlosta, Carmen Director of Certification 716-753-4447 Health and Human Services
Suski, Harry Maintenance 716-934-3837 Office for Aging
France, CPPB, Tracy Office Manager Email 716-753-4917 Public Facilities
Rauh, Michael Veteran's Service Officer 716-661-8255 Veteran Services
Davis, George Ripley Town Co-Historian Email County Historian
Sweeting, Sharon Howe Cherry Creek Town Historian Email 716 296-5105 County Historian
Gould, Jay Legislator, District 17 Email 716-763-0291 Legislature
Anderson, Bridget Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4352 District Attorney
Hamilton, Melissa Senior Account Clerk 716-753-4223 Finance
Shoemaker, Michelle Principal Social Welfare Examiner 716-661-8123 Health and Human Services
Suski, Joan Vice President 716-934-3837 Office for Aging
Bentley, Brad Director Email 716-661-8406 Public Facilities
Rocque, Jamie Silver Creek Village Historian Email 716-785-2482 County Historian
Lane, Susan Lakewood Village Historian 716-763-8557 County Historian
Davis, John Legislator, District 16 Email 716-499-2158 Legislature
Johnson, Daniel Senior Confidential Investigator 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Brant, Nance' Secretary to the Director of Finance 716-753-4223 Finance
Anderson, Diane Director of Certification - TA Health and Human Services
Newman, Lorrie Treasurer 716-934-2170 Office for Aging
Almeter, Ron Manager of Airports & Parks 716-661-8930 Public Facilities
Cummings, Scott North Chautauqua Lake Sewer District Email Phone: 716-753-7787 Water and Sewer Districts
Sipos, Jr., John Cassadaga and Stockton Historian Email 716 595-3379 County Historian
Richards, Susan Carroll Town Historian Email 716-569-3638 County Historian
Hemmer, John Legislator, District 19 Email 716-326-3504 Legislature
Gregory, Derek First Assistant District Attorney 716-753-4241 District Attorney
Button, Todd 1st Deputy Director 716-753-4223 Finance
Luka-Conley, Leanna Deputy Commissioner Adult/Childrn/Family Services Health and Human Services
Sikorski, Shirley Secretary 716-934-3082 Office for Aging