VIDEO: Barcelona Harbor Announcement

Submitted by Justin Gould on Mon, 02/19/2024 - 08:07

WESTFIELD, NY – Against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Erie, bipartisanship was on display Monday, with U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy and Chautauqua County Executive Paul M. Wendel Jr. leading the charge.

In a united front, Schumer, a Democrat and the Senate majority leader, stood alongside Republicans Langworthy, Wendel and Westfield Town Supervisor Martha Bills to announce a substantial $7.5 million earmark for the much-needed repairs to the breakwalls at Barcelona Harbor.

This funding not only addresses critical infrastructure concerns but also serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit transcending political lines in the pursuit of regional progress.

“Together, with bipartisan cooperation, we can ensure the sustained growth and prosperity of our region, fostering a legacy of economic strength and safety for generations to come,” said County Executive Wendel in a statement. “I am profoundly grateful for the combined efforts of Senator Schumer, and Congressman Nick Langworthy, in championing Barcelona Harbor's pivotal role in driving the economic and recreational engine of Chautauqua County.”

The urgency of addressing sediment build-up is critical, with officials citing potential threats to boater safety. Barcelona Harbor stands as the sole Harbor of Refuge along a 47-mile stretch of Lake Erie shoreline, making its restoration pivotal not only for safety but also for the local economy, which relies significantly on maritime activities.


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