Adult, Children & Family Services

The Adult, Children and Family Service Division assists the most vulnerable and at-risk children and adults in our community and includes the Adult Protective Services (APS).  Child Protective Services (CPS), Preventive Services, Foster Care, Adoption, and Juvenile Services units.

The role of Adult Protective Services is to provide protective and preventive services to individuals over 18 where there is an inability to act on their own behalf with the aim of ensuring self-determination, and the ability to live as safely and independently as possible in the community.

Child Protective Services role is to investigate, intervene and support family and caregivers ability to safely care for their children where there are allegations of abuse and maltreatment of children.

Preventive Services works in the homes at-risk children providing supportive and rehabilitative services that are trauma-informed, solution-focused, child centered, and strength based to prevent out-of-home placement and to assist families to return their children from foster care at an earlier time, while foster care offers children a safe living environment while assistance is offered to families and caregivers.

Finally, the Juvenile Services Team is a community-collaboration aimed at preventing out of home placement and institutional care for juveniles and adolescents and reducing the likelihood of contact with the criminal justice system.