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  • Runway Rehab - 

    Chautauqua County Airport – Jamestown (JHW) serves the region with 2 runway’s; runway 13-31, the airports’ crosswind runway and runway 7-25, the primary runway.  The primary runway is 100’ wide and 5,300’ long and was last rehabilitated in 1997.  The service life of a runway pavement rehabilitation is typically 20 years.  Through diligent care and maintenance strategies, the County was able to achieve a 25 year service life for this pavement.  However, the regular use of the runway by various aircraft, combined with seasonal snow removal operations over the past twenty-five years has caused damage to the pavement surface course which can no longer be addressed through standard maintenance practices.  It was determined through an extensive pavement evaluation process (Airport Pavement Management System) that simple pavement crack filling and crack routing and sealing were not sufficient to address the level of pavement distress observed.  In order to prevent further deterioration of the pavement, and to ensure safe operations of aircraft using this runway, the County applied for and received an Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the design and construction of a new rehabilitation of Runway 7-25. 

    The construction grant will cover one hundred percent (100%) of the costs associated with the pavement rehabilitation; $5,736,473.75 and will be constructed by local asphalt paving company, Lake Shore Paving, Inc. 

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Current Projects

  • Fence Phase 1 and Phase 2

Anticipated Projects

  • Airfield Guidance Signs




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