District Attorney

Jason Schmidt has taken an oath to uphold the New York State Constitution and the United States Constitution. Mr. Schmidt has gratefully accepted the duty to represent the People of the State of New York and, specifically, the People of Chautauqua County by seeking justice for all its residents. His job is to pursue the truth by evaluating the evidence in each case and, where there is evidence, hold those persons responsible who commit crimes in our community. 

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Jamestown Man Pleads Guilty To August 2022 Homicide

MAYVILLE, NY – Kevin Roldan-Pantojas, age 24, of Jamestown ple

Chautauqua County Burglary Conviction Leads To Probation Violation

MAYVILLE, NY – Paul Davis, age 27, of South Dayton, was s

Guilty Plea Secured In Violent Jamestown Home Invasion Case

MAYVILLE, NY – William Buckley, age 48, of Jamestown pled

DA Secures Prison Time For Felony Robber

MAYVILLE, NY – Jorge Garay, 38, of Jamestown was sentence