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2019 Lake Consensus MOA   Lake Consensus MOA Final_201903271105345658.pdf
Village Rates   2008VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2009VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2010VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2011VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2012VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2013VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2014VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2015VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2016VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2017VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2018VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2019VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2020VillageTaxRates.pdf
Village Rates   2021VillageTaxRates.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2007.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2008.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2009.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2010.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2011.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2012.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2013.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2014.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2015.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2016.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2017.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2018.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2019.pdf
County Rates   County Rates 2020.pdf
County Rates   County Rates2021.pdf
2013 Newsletter   2013 Newsletter.pdf
2005 Newsletter   2005 Newsletter.pdf
2003 Newsletter   2003 Newsletter.pdf
2019 Adopted Budget   2019 Adopted Budget_0.pdf
2018 Adopted Budget   2018 Adopted Budget.pdf
Traffic Ticket Plea Procedure (PDF)   Ticket-Plea.pdf
Justice Court Information (PDF)   2019 COURT JUDGE LIST.pdf
Traffic Ticket Plea Procedure   Ticket-Plea_0.pdf
Mental Hygiene Documents   Chaut_Co_Behavioral Health Brochure.pdf
Mental Hygiene Documents   Chautauqua County Chemical Dependency Resources 190529.pdf
Mental Hygiene Documents   Guide to Emergency Services FINAL DRAFT 190723.pdf
Mental Hygiene Documents   MAT brochure 190529.pdf
County Clerk Fee Schedule   cc fee schedule.pdf
Underground Railroad   A Freedom Meeting in Dunkirk 1856 (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Antislavery Petitions (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Antislavery Statements By Chaut Co Baptists (PDF)
Underground Railroad   County Anniversaries (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Foote Canvass Of Antislavery Votes (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Footes 1859 letter to the Chautauqua Tract Society (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Heaton G L and the UGRR (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Letter of Timothy Stillman to E. T. Foote (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Norton Joseph Mary And James (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Pettit Items in Foote papers (PDF)
Underground Railroad   S C Hawley Of Harrison Williams Defense (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Samuel Ringgold Ward LettersTo Judge Elial Todd Foote (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Samuel Ringgold Ward references in the Foote papers (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The George Lawson letters to Foote (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The Judge Brewster Letter to Judge Foote (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The Recapture And Trial Of Harrison (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The Recapture and Trial of Harrison Williams according to the press of Fredonia New York (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The recapture of Harrison as related to Clarke Hunter Douglass and Greeley (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The Telegraph and the Underground Railroad (PDF)
Underground Railroad   The Underground Railroad in Chautauqua County (PDF)
Underground Railroad   Villenova Donations for Refugees 1850 (PDF)
Underground Railroad   White Cravath Gilbert (PDF)
Church Records   CherryCreekBaptistChurchRecordBookA.pdf
Church Records   CherryCreekFreewillBaptists.pdf
Church Records   Diary of C.S. Lewis.pdf
Church Records   FBC A Z Madison Book of Treasurer Reports.pdf
Church Records   FBC Book Record Book A Transcript.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1818 through 1849.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1850 through 1859.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1860 through 1869.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1870 through 1879.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1880 through 1889.pdf
Church Records   FBC Correspondence 1890 through 1899.pdf
Church Records   FBC David Barrell Book of the Chaut Bible Society 1837 through 1849.pdf
Church Records   FBC Extracts From Baptist Association Minutes 1836 through 1863.pdf
Church Records   FBC Record Book A 1813 through 1832 Member Database.xls
Church Records   FBC Record Book B 1832 through 1847.pdf
Church Records   FBC Record Book C 1848 through 1869.pdf
Church Records   FBC Record Book D 1870 through 1915.pdf
Church Records   FBC Trustees Book One 1822 to 1859.pdf
Church Records   FBC Trustees Book Two 1859 to 1884.pdf
Church Records   Fredonia Presbyterian Record Book 1810 through 1827.pdf
Church Records   Churches by Mertie Akin.pdf
Church Records   1st Methodist Church Fredonia 1854-1873_0.pdf
Church Records   Forestville Baptist Church 1817-1907.pdf
Church Records   Laona Evangelical Assoc 1868-1968.pdf
Church Records   BaptistAssociationMinutes1836To1863.pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   A Brief History of Pioneer Cemetery (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   A Brief History of Pioneer Cemetery_1.pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   Abner Williams In The War Of 1812 (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   Alms House Additions (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   Alonzo and William (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   Alvah H Walker (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   An Alphabetical Index to the Town of Pomfret (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   An Alphabetical List of Selected Photographers (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   An Analysis of the Barker Museum (PDF).pdf
Douglas H Shepard (archive)   Andrew W Young (PDF).pdf