Assistance for Non-Parent Caregivers

Non-parent caregivers who are caring for children without a parent living in their home may be eligible for Temporary Assistance and/or other services. Temporary Assistance for children not living with a parent if often referred to as "non-parent caregiver" or "child-only" grants, and includes Medical Assistance (MA). If the non-parent caregiver wants assistance only for the children, the non-parent caregiver's income is not used to determine eligibility and there are not Temporary Assistance work requirements for the non-parent caregiver. Non-parent caregivers may apply for temporary assistance at their local social services office.

In addition to financial assistance, non-parent caregivers (also called kinship caregivers) often have a need for information and assistance related to food stamps, the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), custody, guardianship, foster care, adoption, schooling, school enrollment, and other forms of assistance such as child care, social security, respite, case management and service programs.

For information about services and assistance programs, please visit the quick links listed below. Your local Social Services District and local area Office for the Aging are also resources for information on kinship care.