Employment and Internship Opportunities


Salary Range: $77,475.00 - $119,082.00/Year

35 Hrs./Wk. With Benefits

The Chautauqua County Office of the Public Defender is seeking qualified applicants to fill a full-time Assistant Public Defender vacancy.

Under the general directions of the Public Defender or an Assistant Public Defender of higher-rank, represents without charge or by order of the court with the consent of the defendant each indigent defendant who is charged with a crime as defined by Section 722(a) of the County Law. The Assistant Public Defender shall assist in and/or counsel and represent the defendant at every stage of the proceedings following his arrest and shall assist in the initiation and/or shall initiate such proceedings as in his judgment are necessary to protect the rights of the accused and may prosecute any appeals if warranted. Does related work as required.

Interested candidates must send resumes, cover letters, and references to: 

Nathaniel L. Barone II, Esq. 
Chautauqua County Public Defender 

Email: BaroneN@chqgov.com


* Equal Opportunity Employer