Family Court Public Defender

The Chautauqua County Family Court Division of the Public Defender Office is located at 2 Academy Street, Mayville, NY  14757 (location of the former Mayville High School).  The Family Court has jurisdiction regarding cases that involve support, child abuse and neglect, persons in need of observation,  juvenile delinquency, foster-care assignments, paternity purposes, adoptions, dissolution of parental rights and family offenses.  

Office Phone Number (716) 753-4174 and FAX (716) 753-9774



(716) 753-4174 Office Number

 James Dimmer, Assistant Public Defender

 Danielle Erickson, Assistant Public Defender

 Michael Smith, Assistant Public Defender 

 Molly Rice, Assistant Public Defender

Family Court Referrals
All family court referrals come from the court.  Once referred, they are given a financial by the court to fill out.  

Family Court Division Public Defender Legal Services

2 Academy Street, Room 201

Mayville, NY 14757