Schedule your CHQ Transit ride ONLINE

Now at your fingertips, you can easily schedule a ride with CHQ Transit online. Simply follow the CHQ Transit Link, and fill out the online form and hit SUBMIT... It's that easy!!

 ***Please give a minimum of 24 hours for online scheduling. 

Routes and Schedules

A current listing of our CHQ Transit Routes currently in services, and their scheduled stop times.

List of Routes & Schedules               Holiday Hours and Closings

All Scheduled Stops

A listing of all designated and scheduled CARTS Bus stops. Remember, the bus can also stop for you along the scheduled routes, if you flag him down , and it is a safe location to board and disembark.

Bus Fares and Discounts

CHQ Transit can offer multiple options for our riders to fit their transportation needs and budget.

Fare Chart (PDF)                  Grocery Run Program (PDF)