Early Intervention Program


The Early Intervention Program offers help and support to promote your child's development based on their individual needs.  These services include a child developmental evaluation, home visits, speech, physical and other therapies.

Who is eligible? 

  • Children birth to age three with a developmental delay, disability, or condition that affects development
  • Services provided at no cost to you. 
  • If your child is at risk for a developmental delay and do not qualify for the Early Intervention Program, other programs are available (Child Find) 
  • Eligibility is determined by an evaluation. If your child qualifies after having a developmental evaluation, services based on a child's individual need.

Checklist for growing children

Here's what your child should be doing from birth to age three.

3-12 mos

18-36 mos


Contact Us

If your child is having trouble doing some of these things, it might put your mind at ease to talk to someone.  Early help makes a difference!  Talk with your doctor or call the Early Intervention Program at 716-753-4788.