Dwyer Gala 2024: A Symbol of Unity for Veterans

Submitted by Justin Gould on Fri, 04/26/2024 - 08:59

 (The newly formed Dwyer Honor Guard presents the colors with dignity and pride, marking the commencement of the 7th annual Dwyer Gala with honor and respect.) 

CELORON, NY – This year’s Dwyer Gala, transcended its role as a mere social event. More than just an evening of festivities, it served as a profound symbol of unity and anticipation for veterans and their families, embodying the essence of camaraderie and support. 

Hosted at the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel in Celoron, NY on April 13th, the 7th annual event was attended by a record 225 esteemed veterans and their guests. This Gala was a testament to the enduring bond shared by those who have served.  

Adorned in decorative masks under the theme "Mystery at the Masquerade Ball," attendees eagerly embraced the opportunity to come together, cherishing the chance to revel in the warmth of companionship within a supportive environment. 

The event commenced with a dignified presentation of colors by the newly formed Dwyer Honor Guard, followed by a heartfelt toast delivered by retired US Army General Arthur Austin.  

 (retired General Arthur Austin presiding over the dignified presentation of colors) 

As guests indulged in a sumptuous plated dinner, the ambiance was further enlivened by the captivating performances of the Spire Theater group, weaving an enthralling mystery theater narrative in: “The Caper of the Copped Key”.