Administrative Board

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Meetings of the North Chautauqua County Water District Administrative Board are held on the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m..  Location - Dunkirk Town Hall.

Formed by Res. No. 40 - 16

Mayor, Village of Brocton: Craig Miller

Supervisor- Town of Portland: Rich Lewis. current NCCWD Vice-Chairman

Supervisor- Town of Pomfret: Dan Pacos, current NCCWD Chairman

Supervisor - Town of Dunkirk: Priscilla Penfold

Supervisor - Town of Sheridan: Tom Wik

NCIWD No. 1 - Chairman: Brian Purol

Legislator District 2 - Bob Bankoski

Legislator District 7 - John Penhollow


Other Members (Terms to expire 12/31/2027):

Terry Niebel

Richard Lascola

David Hazelton