May 13-17, 2024 is Active Transportation Week

Start: May 17, 2024 - 12:00am

End: May 17, 2024 - 12:00am

Ready for a challenge?  Hop on a bus, pedal a bike, or strut your stuff - mix it up!  Whether it's one day, one week, or a forever change, say hello to saving cash on gas and scoring extra hours for email scrolls, wordle wins, fitness boosts, or simply basking in traffic-free bliss!  

bus with bike

How can you participate?

Find an activity that works for you and your schedule.  Make a plan to be healthier through active transportation all while helping to create a healthier environment too!


  • Take a bus on CHQ Transit ~ Chautauqua County's public transportation system:  Save your pennies, sit back, and let someone else take the wheel!  Riding the bus is budget friendly and give you the freedom to multitask during your daily journey.  Be environmentally friendly, by sharing in a bus ride instead of driving your personal vehicle each day. 
    Information on bus schedules and prices can be found online at chqgov.com/carts/CHQTransit. Interested residents can also call CHQ Transit at 1-800-388-6534 to talk to a live person who will help plan the best route!
  • Bike to work:  Hop on your trusty bike for a pre-work cruise to kickstart your day with a blast of energy!  Pedal power, activate!
  • Walk to work:  Stroll to the office and catch the sunrise or tune in to the birds' morning choir. Walking - the ultimate healthy hack! 
  • Carpool:  Do you have a coworker that lives close by?  Arrange to ride together.  There are also park and ride lots located throughout the county where you can meet up to carpool. 
  • Try multiple modes: Hop on your bike, or walk to the bus stop.  Bike one way and catch the bus the other way, Get your buddies involved ~ challenge your colleagues to join you for a fun commute on wheels or on foot!
  • Join us!  For two family-friendly Group Bicycle Rides in Jamestown and Dunkirk. Participants can jump on to ride with friends, coworkers, and family. 
    • Jamestown: Pearl City Cycles will host a ride, Friday, May 13th at 6pm.  Ride will start and end at Pearl City Cycles @ 600 Fairmount Avenue and will ride through Celeron, the Riverwalk bike path, possibly ice cream, and back to the shop. This ride will last approximately 1.5 hours and the group will ride at a slow leisurely pace to accommodate all rider levels.
    • Dunkirk: Slow Roll Buffalo will host a ride Saturday, June 1st from 1-4pm.  DETAILS   
  • Let us know what you are doing for Active Transportation Week by completing this form