Department of Motor Vehicles

Walk-in Traffic at DMV Offices
To begin April 12th

Chautauqua County
Residents Only

Testing Still Requires
An Appointment

Beginning April 12, 2021 walk-in traffic will be allowed for all transactions except testing for Learner’s Permits, Escort/Pilot Car Test and CDL Testing that will be by appointment only. Anyone wishing to make an appointment for other transactions will still be able to do so. 

Appointments can be made with the links below on this page.  Please be on time.

Persons may still use the drop box for registration renewals and some other transactions

  • Only the person making the transaction is allowed in the building
  • A parent may accompany a child taking a permit test as required by regulation
  • NO CHILDREN are allowed in the building other than for permit testing
  • Dealers may bring a maximum of three transactions needing plates
  • Dealer transactions not needing plates will be left in the drop box
  • All persons will wait outside of the office until instructed to enter
  • All persons will social distance and wear a mask at all times


All needed forms are available on the NYS DMV website at www.dmv.ny.gov  Persons should have all of the paperwork completed before arriving at the DMV and remember to bring all needed documents.

Insurance cards should be printed before arrival at DMV.
Insurance cards can be faxed to DMV by insurance company.

At this time, only Chautauqua County residents will be processed at our DMV offices.  Any out of county persons making an appointment will have their appointment canceled.  Any out of county persons coming for walk-in service will be sent away.

To make an appointment, please use the following links:



Appointments are currently available through April 30th.

DMV Holiday Hours (PDF)

Renew Registrations by phone, call 716-753-4229

Jamestown Dunkirk Mayville
512 W. 3rd St.
Jamestown, NY 14701

Ph: 716-661-8220
Fx: 716-661-8292
3988 Vineyard Drive
Dunkirk, NY 14048

Ph: 716-366-0210
Fx: 716-366-7934

Hall Clothier Building
7 N. Erie St.
Mayville, NY 14757

Ph: 716-753-4229
Fx: 716-753-4521

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m


Service Fee
Escort Certification Test $40.00
Original Title $50.00
Duplicate Title $20.00
Mobile / Manufactured Home Title $125.00
Abstract of Driving Record $10.00
Intransit Permit $12.50
Motorcycle Permit $23.50
Restricted Use License $87.50
Conditional License Only $75.00
Drinking Driving Program $225.00
Salvage Vehicle Inspections $205.00
Civil Penalty (Insurance Lapse) up to 30 days (cost per day) $8.00
Civil Penalty up to 31-60 days (cost per day) + $240 $10.00
Civil Penalty up to 61-90 days (cost per day) + $540 $12.00
CDL Permit $22.50
Permit- 16 yr old ONLY $80.00


Frequently Asked Questions
The mail-in registration renewal says that I must mail my renewal to Albany. May I mail or bring it to my local DMV Office? You can bring your registration renewal to your local DMV Office and either drop it off or wait for it to be processed immediately, or you may mail it to your local office. You may also renew by telephone by calling 716-753-4229. A credit card payment is required. All renewals left with a DMV representative will be processed within a day and new registrations mailed back. We encourage you to renew your registrations locally in order to keep your tax dollars in Chautauqua county. We will also process your renewal faster and more efficiently.
Will you accept a fax or copy of an insurance card? Yes, the local DMV office will accept a facsimile or copy of your insurance card. Cards may be faxed to: Jamestown DMV - 661-8292; Mayville DMV - 753-4521; Dunkirk DMV - 366-7934
What is needed to surrender license plates? We need only the plates and a $1 processing fee for surrendering license plates.
What does a 16- or 17-year-old teenager need to apply for a learner’s permit? A parent needs to accompany the 16 or 17 year old to the office. We will need the parent’s driver’s license, an original State-Issued birth certificate for the applicant, and the applicant’s social security card. You must be in the office at least an hour before closing time to allow time for the paperwork, written exam, vision test, and photo.
I was told that my driver’s license is suspended? How can I find out? We do not give information out on the telephone about a driver’s license record. You may come to the DMV in person, with identification, and we will try to help you. In some instances, you may want to get a printout of your driving record for a $10 fee.
I have lost or misplaced my title for my car. How can I replace it? The owner must complete an application for a duplicate title and submit the required ID (for example, a valid driver’s license). The fee is $20 for a duplicate title and the owner should expect to receive the new title within five working days from Albany.
I’ve recently moved. How do I notify DMV of my new address? You can stop in at your local DMV Office and fill out a change of address card, or you can mail us the new address along with your license identification number. You may also call your local DMV office to change the address by phone. However, you will not receive a new license with the new address unless you purchase a duplicate license. The DMV should be notified within 10 days of any address change.
I need to replace my driver’s license. What ID do I need and what is the fee? It is no longer necessary to bring any ID to the office in order to get a duplicate driver’s license. The fee for a duplicate is $17.50.
Can I bring my US DOT Medical Examiners Certificate to the DMV office to have it entered in my file? Yes.The fee is $12.50.
What do I need to get the Veterans designation on my driver's license? Military veterans will need to bring their original DD214 discharge papers indicating an honorable discharge. The fee to add the designation outside of the scheduled renewal time is $12.50. There is no fee to add the designation at the time of renewal.
I lost a license plate. What do I do? Bring the remaining license plate to a DMV office. There is a $28.75 fee to issue a new set of plates.


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