Public Drinking Water

The primary purpose of the Water Supply Program is to ensure the safety of county public water supplies. There are three general types of public water supplies: community, transient non-community, and non-transient non-community. Each water supply has its own individual source of water, whether it's a well, spring, lake, or surface water.

Community Water Systems

Community water systems serve year-round residential populations such as cities, villages, mobile home parks, and subdivisions.

Transient Non-Community Water Systems

Transient non-community water systems serve different people every day such as restaurants, campgrounds, and hotels.

Non-Transient, Non-Community Water Systems

Non-transient, non-community water systems serve the same group of people every day, but are not residential. Examples are schools and large factories.

Public Water Supply Operators

Mandatory forms and regulations may be downloaded by clicking on the links to the right, and through the document below:


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