Image by Justin Gould / Media Information Officer.

Top row, from left: District 19 Legislator Frederick Johnson, District 13 Legislator Tom Nelson, District 4 Legislator Susan Parker, District 14 Legislator Dan Pavlock, District 7 Legislator John Penhollow, District 10 Legislator Jamie Gustafson, District 16 Legislator Dalton Anthony, District 6 Legislator Tom Harmon, District 18 Legislator Martin Proctor, District 9 Legislator Phillip Landy, District 12 Legislator Frederick Larson, District 5 Legislator Terry Niebel, and District 17 Legislator Travis Heiser. Bottom row, from left: District 15 Legislator Lisa Vanstrom, District 11 Legislator David Wilfong, District 8 Legislator and Chairman Pierre Chagnon, District 2 Legislator Robert Bankoski, District 1 Legislator Marcus Buchanan, and District 3 Legislator Bob Scudder. Photo by: Justin Gould / Chautauqua County Media Information Officer, CC0 – January 2, 2024.



  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Fourth Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted
  • Gerace Office Building
    3 N. Erie St.
    Third Floor Legislative Chambers
    Mayville, NY 14757

All Legislature Committee meetings as well as the full Legislature meetings are in-person open meetings and will be held in the Legislature Chambers on the third floor of the Gerace Office building.

The meetings are open to the public and subject to any current required COVID-19 guidelines..

Baring any unforeseen technical difficulties, the full legislature meetings will continue to be live streamed on the County YouTube page and the videos will be available for viewing for no less than a year after the meeting. 

The minutes of all legislature committee and full legislature meetings continue to be posted on the legislature web pages.

PUBLIC COMMENTS::  Any comments received from the public will be accepted as communications, and not read during privilege of the floor..  Public comments at the meetings during the privilege of the floor must be made in person.


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