Children's SPOA

Children’s SPOA (Single Point of Access) was created in each county of New York State as a way to identify, support, and guide children, youth and families who are at risk of out-of-home placement or struggling to identify appropriate mental health and/or substance abuse services.  The overall goal of C-SPOA is to maintain the child in the community and within the family system.  Children’s SPOA assess the strengths and needs of each child referred and creates a plan to help link, assist, support, and guide the child and family to the most appropriate services where the child will be successful.


Who can be referred to Children’s SPOA?

  • Child/Youth experiencing behavioral or emotional challenges
  • Child/Youth needing help coping with traumatic experience
  • Child/Youth with substance abuse concerns
  • Child/family struggling to identify services or what to do when crisis situations come up
  • Ages 0-21 years


Who can make a referral?

  • Anyone, including the family, can make a referral!! 


What does Children’s’ SPOA do?

  • Assists in making referrals and/or coordinating supports to community programming and services
  • Brings child/family concerns to confidential meeting where the current problem areas are discussed.  This confidential meeting team will help identify community-based service providers and assist in assigning services and supports to the child and family.
  • The child and/or family is welcome to attend this confidential meeting to discuss present concerns with the team.


How to make a referral?

  • Complete the C-SPOA referral form and Consent 
  • Call the Chautauqua County’s C-SPOA Coordinator for assistance at 716.753.4296

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