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03/17/2023 Brocton School, Family, and Community Connections Symposium


Presenter(s)Rachel Mesmer-Ludwig


Childhood & Trauma Resources

ACES Brochure


Presenter(s)Thomas Fadale, Brianne Fadale (Clymer CSD)


Restorative Practice Resources

Restorative Practice Slideshow


3/27/23-3/30/23 Westfield School Youth Support Days


Presenter(s): Rachel Mesmer-Ludwig, Carri Raynor, Chrissy Breen 


Teen Resources 


Spring 2023 CCDMH Team Presentation


CCDMH Team Presentation 2023


5/30/23 Jamestown Business College Staff Retreat 


Presenter(s): Rachel Mesmer-Ludwig


JBC Resources Sheet


7/10/23 Putting Care at the Center of Chautauqua County Department of Mental Hygiene Health Homes, Provider Connect Event


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Firearm Safety Through the Lens of Suicide Prevention

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