Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources: We all experience emotional turmoil at sometime in our lives but sometimes it's difficult to get rid of anxiety, depression, and other problems on our own. While County Office for the Aging does not provide mental health counseling, we do work closely with the Mental Hygiene Department, Family Services of the Chautauqua Region, and SUNY Fredonia School of Social Work to provide mental health resources and emotional support to seniors and caregivers who are dealing with difficult issues or health crisis.

For more information on Mental Health Resources or to speak with someone who can help guide you, call NY Connects at 716-753-4582, 716-661-7582, 716-363-4582 or email


  • Chautauqua County Crisis Helpline: 1-800-724-0461
  • Family Services of the Chautauqua Region: 716-488-1971
  • WCA Outpatient Mental Health Program: 716-664-8641
  • Chautauqua County Mental Health: 716-661-8330 or 363-3550
  • Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County